Art Exhibitions

Ticketneedle LLC organizes high level exhibitions and cultural events, collaborating with the most prestigious galleries, museums and institutions, well known in Italy, in Europe and all over the world.


 The company, thanks to its collaborators with twenty years of experience, is able to manage at its best all the phases related to the organization and preparation of the exhibitions, offering a flawless service, respectful of the most rigorous national and international safety standards, and guaranteeing the maximum protection and care of artistic assets. Ticketneedle LLC provides optimal solutions for the safe handling and preparation of paintings, drawings, sculptures, ceramics, tapestries, antique books, antique furniture, historical and archaeological finds, designing specific solutions, for works of art, installations and video art.

Each phase of the setting up is organized and planned into detail, so that the success of every event is perfect from every point of view: from the collection and packaging of the works with the most suitable materials for the protection and safe preservation of every type of artistic asset, to the insured transport, within specific and equipped vehicles for the transport of works of art. Particular attention is paid to the setting of the exhibition, with optimal solutions specifically designed to preserve integrity and to the value of every piece of art.The Ticketneedle LLC staff is available to provide assistance and support, suggesting the best solutions to solve every problem: from the design of special cases for works of art, even of huge dimensions, to the preparation of the exhibition rooms, with ad hoc furnishings and lighting technology , for the maximum enhancement

Ticketneedle LLC operates with reliability and professionalism, respecting the needs of the customer, who will be able to decide every stage of the work: timing, place of delivery, packaging, handling and preparation of the works, materials and lighting. The staff also guarantees constant surveillance of the goods treated , that, during the storage, will be kept in special spaces, such as air-conditioned Caveau, regularly checked both at night and during the day.

We have the right solution for every need, and is able to develop original and innovative methodologies for the transport of works of art, of any size and type, including the most voluminous and bulky ones. Classic paintings and paintings, statues and sculptures, bas-reliefs, archaeological finds, jewelery and goldsmiths, books and antique furniture: each work will receive the utmost attention from the staff, until the time of return at the address chosen by the customer.

We advise artists and promoters on their most critical issues and opportunities.

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