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Events, Art Exhibitions, Cultural Events done with the utmost knowledge, Integrity, Trust, Passion and Security. Our Mission is to provide clients with personalized solutions and specifing consulting services

We take care about taxes and invoices, so you can focus on your business

Ticketneedle KFT is aimed at international companies and public bodies

collectors and artists, auction houses, museums and art galleries, cultural associations and universities, artists and speakers. Today the company is able to handle transports even on large distances, dealing with all aspects related to moving: loading and unloading, collection and delivery, but also packaging and handling of works of art, through the use of vehicles, equipment and high-level protective materials. Thanks to its considerable experience and renowned professionalism, Ticketneedle has collaborated with important companies in the artistic sector, known both nationally and worldwide, both in the field of visual arts and in the field of music and entertainment in general.

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We advise global leaders on their most critical issues and opportunities.

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